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CAT Partners - About US

CAT Partners Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 as an independent boutique alternative investment solutions provider in Japan. We provide the hedge fund managers with Advisory, Marketing, Investor Relation and Client Service. We implement a tailored, comprehensive marketing programme designed to meet the hedge fund manager's requirements with a strong commitment to success.

Our approach is as an "Investor Relation" in Japan for the hedge fund managers who have Japanese institutional investors as their clients by utilizing our extensive network and more than averaged 25 years industry experience. We manage the communication and deliver your competitive value. Our qualified level of industry experience across multi-functions and products in the US and European investment banks in Japan will provide you with all aspect of marketing and client services activities.

Our value

We have a strict standard and process to select managers using criteria of the Japanese institutional investors and conducting the significant due diligence from their perspectives.

We represent only managers whom we believe to be able to provide the qualified benefits to the institutional investors in terms of

  1. The risk-adjusted returns
  2. Defined the investment process
  3. Tmely communication with our investors
  4. Integrity and trust

Prior to going into partnership with managers, we have conducted comprehensive due diligence. We have a disciplined process for sourcing and selecting managers and we believe that this is a significant part of our value creation process.

Our value cannot be measured by just saying that "we have raised more than XX billion in incremental assets for our clients" or "maximize distribution" but we focus on "the investor's satisfaction" and "reputation established by the managers we represent" here in the alternative investments community in Japan. It is our philosophy that we look for an optimal interest both for the managers and the investors.

Our mission

Our mission is to optimize the benefits both for managers and investors with long-term partnership and help the Japanese investors to catch up with the evolution of an alternative investment industry.

With an extensive network with qualified institutional investors, we offer a wide range of opportunities and "tailor-made" solutions for qualified institutional investors in Japan.

Our culture

As well as we have developed strict internal control, compliance policies and procedures, we have endeavoured to comply with the best practices and a code of ethics in the alternative investments industry. We have a robust culture of:

  1. Integrity and trust
  2. Regulation
  3. Compliance
  4. Corporate governance
  5. A code of ethics

We believe that "integrity and trust" is a crucial to attain long term successful partnership with our clients.

CAT Partners is headquartered in Tokyo. We are authorized and regulated by the FSA, Financial Services Agency, of Japan with registration as a Type 2 Financial Instruments Business Operator and an Investment Adviser Number 2404.

The name CAT Partners, Capital Allocation Tactics Partners, reflects our aspiration and confidence to provide excellent quality of services to our clients.

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Thank you for visiting our website. If you are a manager and would like to develop a new channel in Japan please contact us at info@catpartners.co.jp to learn more about our service.

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