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CAT Channel, an educational platform for learning about alternative investments

CAT Channel, an educational platform for institutional investors to learn about alternative investments, is based on the latest professional books and supervised by the "CAT Channel Editors" in an easy-to-understand format. It covers a wide range of alternative investment areas including private credit, private equity, hedge funds, infrastructure, commodities, real assets, ESG-related, due diligence and manager selection, and asset allocation. Membership includes manager members (managers) and investor members, and services to investor members are provided free of charge.

DX (Digital Transformation) in the Alternative Investment Industry

The CAT Channel is an attempt to provide investors with as much knowledge, information and expertise as possible in the complex process of alternative investment decision-making, post-investment monitoring and portfolio construction, rather than the traditional face-to-face fund business. It is designed with the use of the Internet in mind in order to obtain information efficiently. To this end, the CAT Channel service will focus on understanding the wide range of asset classes and investment strategies necessary for this process, maintaining relationships between managers and investors post-investment, and providing information on new fund offerings and events.

By using the Internet to build a platform, the exchange of information and knowledge will be reduced from the traditional paper-based, face-to-face, one-to-one. This enables investors to significantly reduce the time and effort spent on acquiring information and knowledge, and provides a new channel for investment management firms to efficiently disseminate information and communicate with investors in a targeted manner. On the other hand, information, especially fund information, is sensitive for investment management firms, so we have designed a system that allows content to be separated by investor category. Privacy settings can be managed so that information can be distributed only to prospective investors.

Valuable experience for investors

The CAT Channel was built based on the cloud system of Commune Corporation, which provides a customer success platform. With customer success or investor success in mind, we provide a valuable experience for investors.

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